As a not-for-profit social service agency, Parenthesis is dependent on your assistance. Every contribution you make is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of area families.

There are many ways to support parenting education at Parenthesis. Financial donations are needed and appreciated at any time. Volunteers can sign up to make a meal, to assist with events or to help in the office. Donors are welcome to browse our Wish List.

Financial Donations

Individual donations make up almost 50% of Parenthesis' annual budget. Your help is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

Donate a Meal

Family Meals play an important role in our group meetings, nourishing families who gather together to connect, receive support and work through challenges.

Wish List

Simple items can make a big difference in our programs, and are always greatly appreciated. Keep Parenthesis in mind on your next trip to the grocery!

Donate Your Time

Whether you want to join the board, provide a meal or work one of our events, there are many volunteer opportunities at Parenthesis. Please join us!