Family Meals play an important role in our weekly group meetings for the Parenteen and Mothering On Our Own programs. It’s a great way to nourish families in our community who gather together weekly to connect, receive support and work through challenges.

We also serve snacks in our Parenteen group meetings at Morton East. Community members keep our pantry full by occasionally dropping off snacks such as big bags of goldfish, pretzels, apples, juice, etc.

To join our SNACK TEAM and add to our pantry at your convenience, please contact Bonnie at and you will be emailed a list of suggested snacks.

Interested in helping provide a meal for our weekly group meetings?

We need a simple, well-balanced meal for approximately 15 people delivered to Parenthesis on an agreed upon Tuesday or Wednesday. We’ll provide some helpful hints to assist with your meal plan. Store-bought and pre-made items are acceptable. You can sign up for one meal or schedule a few meals throughout the year.

If you don’t cook, or you can directly donate money here and we'll take care of purchasing. Or you can the order a meal (pizza, sandwiches, Chinese, etc) to be delivered as your donation. 

Providing a meal or snacks for our pantry can be a perfect group service project!

For more information about meal donation or to sign up, contact Wendy Giardina at 773.252.3253 or