It is my privilege to work with the wonderful families of Mothering On Our Own, Parenteen, and Family Wrap. Listening and watching as parents discover their own particular style of parenting, as they realize their child’s limitless potential, as they make choices that maximize their child’s growth and development, brings me deep personal satisfaction. Being allowed to walk with someone as they navigate the twists and turns of parenthood is truly a rare gift. At Parenthesis, I have seen both teen mothers and single mothers reach out to one another with extraordinary generosity, and truly become family to one another. I have seen families embrace a new way of doing things, and observed their excitement as they find positive results with new parenting strategies. I have witnessed parents uncover strengths they didn’t know they had. In my opinion there is no more important work than parenting, and Parenthesis Family Center supports all those engaged in the most important job on earth. I’m honored to be a part of it!
~ Ann Puccetti LCSW, Program Director

Working with the teen moms in the Parenteen program at Parenthesis has been a rewarding experience. I consider it an honor that the teens allow me to be a part of their lives as they are experiencing so many changes in their own development while learning to be a parent. Watching the teens overcome the many obstacles they face and succeed despite the odds makes me proud to be a part of the process. Listening to the teens open up and reach out to one another during our weekly support group is a rewarding experience that never ceases to amaze me. The joy and pride the teens take in their baby’s progress is evident. Watching the teens establish a bond with their baby and learn to balance the demands of parenting motivates me to continually reflect on my own parenting skills. The Parenteen program offers me a unique opportunity to work with the teens and their children, both individually and in a group setting, for an extended period during a very important time in their life.
~ Peggy Wright MSW, Family Support Specialist