Parenthesis offers just the right resource to meet your family’s needs. Whether you are a single parent, a teen parent, new to the community, new to parenthood or just overwhelmed by the demands of your busy family the information or service you might need is just a phone call or e-mail away!

Pregnant & Parenting Teens

We help pregnant and parenting teen moms ages 13-20 through the Parenteen program which covers weekly topics such as child discipline, sleep and nutrition.

Single Moms

Parenthesis provides a program where single moms can come together with their children to share a meal and share their common concerns about single parenting.

Parents with Young Children

Parenting workshops are offered on occasion at no cost to families and cover a wide range of early childhood topics.

Overwhelmed Parents

Our Family Wrap program offers parenting coaching and education.

New Moms

Parenthesis offers occasional, no cost workshops covering early childhood topics.

New to the Community

Meet other parents by attending our parenting workshops.